How To Find Loans For Bad Credit With Good Credit Terms

Paying the lowest interest rate possible on poor credit or no credit loans is the holy grail of any sub-prime borrower.  People with exemplary credit histories rarely have trouble finding lenders who are prepared to offer them an attractive range of affordable loans with terms that fit their budgets.

Loans for people with poor credit are intended for the high-risk market; people who struggle with money and statistically represent a greater risk to a lender that they may default on loan repayments. These loans come with higher rates of interest- so a customer who is already wrestling with a tight income will find costs are proportionally higher when it comes to borrowing money. It seems counter-intuitive and unfair to many people that financial institutions operate this way.

It IS possible to find loans offered to people with bad credit that perform as well as regular loans, but the process of researching and digging around for applicable deals takes time that most people don’t have. With this in mind, our team curate, compare and review the best performing subprime lenders so that you can make a smart choice the next time you need a cash loan.

How we help you
We show you how to get a loan even if you have bad credit from trustworthy lenders who specialize in financing loans for people just like you. We lead you towards proven, customer-centric lenders who will offer you a “bad credit” loan, with terms that mimic “good credit” loans. We believe that a loan shouldn’t be bad news and that loans such as these should be fair, affordable and part of a strategy towards better living. We believe that loans for people with a low credit score should not be stigmatized.

Student? In receipt of a pension check, disability check or welfare? Seasonal worker? Self employed? Bad at budgeting? Your credit history is bad or non-existent? We have lenders who will pre-qualify you for the cash you need at the lowest  applicable rate. Borrow in confidence- our lenders guarantee all customers are welcome, and will get the fair treatment and affordable terms they need- whatever their personal circumstances.

We are proud to be at the cutting edge of the subprime loans industry. We are proud to serve you with our time and in-depth knowledge, and we hope it helps you to make the financial choices you deserve.

Poor credit personal loans: no longer a poor deal.


3YearLoan - Long Term Loans for Bad Credit

3YearLoan have consistently shown that they have what it takes for us to declare them the best choice for long term installment loans online. Their business model specializes in providing fair and customer-centric long term loans with no credit check- allowing more people than ever before to build a stable future without being held back by their financial situation.



OneClickLoan are the number one choice for instant cash loans- they have a comprehensive range of uncomplicated short term loans that cover every customer's cash emergencies quickly and affordably. Same day loans from Oneclickloan provide a service that poorer customers desperately need, at minimal cost.



There are a huge number of loan companies online who compete for position in an oversaturated small loans market. Most emergencies can be covered by $1000 or less and most people see no reason not to repay it quickly. When you search online and compare loans for bad credit, you'll notice lenders who seem to offer the same loans and there initially doesn't look like much difference between them. No wonder many customers are confused when they try to compare loans by themselves- when time is as precious a resource as money, it's tempting to click on the first lender you come across.



Liberty Lending have a great range of loans- smaller loans of up to $1000 for short term emergencies, and larger installment loans up to a generous $25,000 and more for returning customers. Liberty Lending approve YOU, not your credit score- thus offering financial freedom to each and every customer. Liberty believe that being able to access fair and ethical loans is a right, not a priviledge- and they work hard for you to make sure that you can borrow the amount of cash you need- for whatever purpose you choose- with an attractive, comfortable repayment schedule.



Cashmojo's secret formula puts $2,500 cash into your account, fast! If you ever wondered what a difference a quick $2,500 and low repayments could make in your life, now is your chance- Cashmojo welcome everyone- poor credit and even no credit are no longer a bar to qualifying for a loan.