bad-cred-loans-aboutWe are a husband and wife team who work in the personal finance sector, and have had the pleasure of helping people from all walks of life to make better choices with their money.

We noticed an increasing number of clients, friends, and family asking for advice about expensive debt and uncovered one thing they all had in common: a lack of time to hunt for the most appropriate financial services. They often had to make a snap decisions without paying too much attention to the fine print- and fell victim to lenders with slick marketing campaigns and lofty promises that glossed over unfair loan agreements.

This site is intended to help people who struggle with a bad credit history and a limited income- we bring you lenders who will approve you instantly regardless of your circumstances and act fast to get your cash loan to you, with borrowing costs you can afford. You’ll save time- no more refusals, no digging around for loans you qualify for. You’ll save money- no hidden fees, the lowest applicable interest rates, fair repayment schedules that fit your budget. By reducing immediate financial stress, you’ll be free to find ways to build a solid future- that’s priceless by anyone’s standard!

– Todd and Lauren